Our passion is for our customers and their ideas. We design customized lighting solutions for our clients. We work with every size needed, from in-home designs and lighting applications to industrial formats on a large scale, we have the technology and the innovation to make every space shine.

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Export Hydro is an all in one service for importing any products from overseas. We aid in every step of the process and our expertise level gives you the confidence that we will bring you the products you need and 

Product Selection

The hardest part of wanting to get your own line of products is literally just finding the right ones. Then you need to qualify the company making them, QC them... and on and on.  Export Hydro takes all of that work out of your hands and into the veterans of our industry and qualified teams of QC specialist local to the factories to take all of the worry away and deliver a quality product to your location on schedule and in budget. Contact us today to just get a quote.


Our team here spend countless days and week selecting the best partners in manufacturing. It is a long process that takes on site vetting and outside QC staff to ensure that all processes are followed and the best product is delivered every time. We also take steps to make sure hat not only are the products made right, that their are handled and shipped in a way that damage does not happen during delivery. One of our company service pillars is based around ensuring quality products delivered to your customers every order,

You would believe that once everything is done being manufactured then shipping would be easy. It is actually the most challenging process in the import business. We have a team of Logistics experts that take your products from the warehouse, to loading, to the port of departure. Tracking your containers movements and every step, and working with customs before arrival helps speed up the lengthy process of bringing in goods from overseas.

Import and Logistics

Some companies talk about QC and have the manufacturers look over the product before shipping. Export Hydro goes the extra mile and hires outside consultants that have unscheduled visits with each factory. Processing multiple inline quality checks each day and confirming that the products are at or above required specifications. We also process multiple stage QC checks during the manufacturing process, avoiding poor component replacements, or other issues normally found after product has arrived at your door. Because of these checks we are able to bring solid warranties with each product we offer.

Quality Control

Customer Service and Warranty

Just because you just received a container of products form us, does not mean our job has ended. We occasionally have questions or concerns with some items once they arrive to your location. Normally they are easy to solve problems, like how a particular item is assembled, or how it works with a different item, and we are here to help 24/7. On top of friendly customer service we also offer simple warranties with most of our products we offer. Contact us today to see how easy this all can be!